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Global Gear covers an area of over 20000㎡ with 386 employees and 62 engineers. Currently, it has the capability of producing 1.2 Million sets of spiral gear, 50000 cylindrical gear and 10000 units of reducer.

Through continuous technical innovation and strategic investment, Global Gear is well-equipped with 420 sets of production equipment and 70 sets of inspection equipment. There are over 160 sets of tooth cutting and gear lapping equipment and more than 80% of the equipment produced by Gleason USA. We also have the Oerlikon C50, Gleason 800HG phoenix grinding machine and M&M 3525 gear measuring center, which represents the advanced level of international gear industry. The use of cutting-edge equipment ensures the leading quality of products.

Tapered Tooth Cutting Line

Constant Depth Tooth Cutting line

Tooth Grinding Line

Cylindrical Gear​ Production Line

Gear Reducer​ Production Line

Inspection Center